Friday, May 24, 2019

Book Your Photo Booth Today!!!!

Have a fundraiser coming up???
I will set up at your fundraiser, charge $5.00/set of photo get $2.00 from each set before I walk out the door.  Interested? Email me:

Other deals!!!
I can set up at your event (school dance, carnival, etc) and charge per photo. You do nothing.  This is not a fundraiser for you. This is in lieu of you paying for me to be there. 

Large Parties and Printing Alternatives
Contact me for pricing on large parties and printing alternatives.  Don't worry, it's not much!!!  Just have to pay for supplies when we use more than a normal party!  

Because our prices are so low, we cannot offer any special pricing below the published rate.  Thanks for not asking :)

Your photos will not be shared with anyone else, unless you give me permission, in writing, to do so.  Also, the photographer has had background checks done by the local school district and Texas Children's Hospital, as well as a private background check organization,  therefore, you can rest assured that she will follow privacy rules, etc.  


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